KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

I Can'T Believe Its Back Agian

i hold this piture in my time of sorrow,
death is walking aamounst my heart,
till my life falls apart,
remorts of shame,
scar through pain,
the little emo girl to take the blame,

love is to death,
leaveing this life is the only thing i have left,
she dug a hole in my paper heart,
cutting hopes and dream,
ripping them apart,
how much more of this can i take,
till i fall down on the floor and break,
i remeber the very first time,
inside my mind,
i felt comforted like i had a sence of meaning,

love and hate,
deeath in debait,
holding my razor,
till the sorrow shall left,
i cant believe its back again from the place i had left,
remembering death,
my dreams are night marees,
slowly killing some,
for this i write to you,
my mom

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