I Can'T Believe We Were Ever Possible.

I'm having second thoughts...
about you and me and the past.
From the day we met until this day.
It's quite impossible to believe that we were in love
With all the fun that we had,
All the memories we shared...
has all faded away.
You taught me to open my eyes,
To realize what I deserve,
and I learned as I went along with it.

But now we're over,
and I find you hard to believe.
You changed a lot,
and It's affecting me....
not that you would care.
You don't bother talking to me
Can't even slip me a 'hi'...
But it's whatever..
Like I told my friends.
It's whatever....
I just can't believe I thought we were ever possible

*Véase, ahora quiero yo nunca te encontré...*

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