I Can't Forget You

Poem By Ronald Chapman

Never sleeping,

Always praying to the stars in the sky,
Hello princess, how are you, my love?
How are you in Heaven?

Reaching for you in my dreams,
Never able to hold you,
Always waking to tears alone,

How can I find a way to move on?
My expectations are too high.
I can never find another you, my beautiful love.

I miss you.

All I want to hear,
is the soothing sound of your heart beating,
next to me under warm blankets in a loving bed,

And to listen to your voice,
saying, I've fallen in love with you,
please, stay with me forever, my love.

Comments about I Can't Forget You

To have loved liked this I believe is quite rare. That incredible love that you had for so long was and is, still precious. Keep sharing and reminiscing. Love is absolutely beautiful if you find that true bond.
I Can't Forget You, yes, forgetting is really tough in loneliness, congrats and thanks for sharing
Hi Ron. Loved your poem. Beautiful and disturbing.
'Always waking to tears alone'! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Sorry for the loss of your loved one but a very well deserving poem of the day, congratulations Ronald

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