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A Missing Map, A Trying Fish
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A Missing Map, A Trying Fish

Poem By Janine Alyssa Navarro

You have changed.
You are not the friend I used to know
The friend that I loved and cared about, the friend who was
there for me in good times and bad times
I don't know what brought us to this point
I told you a couple of times how I am feeling. but I guess you
heard me speak but I don't think you were listening
I just can't hold on any longer

The life of our friendship is now dependent on me alone
When we speak is because I initiated it, when we see each other is because I arranged it and when we laugh is because I made the joke
It never used to be like this, we used to share everything
Its breaking my heart

When you changed,
I thought it would only be for a while
But it has taken longer than a year
I thought if I gave you and our frienship all I got,
you would realise my importance in your life
I have been waiting a long time
I can't hold on any longer

We are on the edge
Ihave been holding on for far too long for you to pull
me from this edge
Can't you see I am about to fall?
I am just holding on with just the tip of my fingers
l am tired and I am angry
look at me and see the tears in my eyes
because I am letting go now
Watch me fall because I just can't hold on any more.

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Comments (4)

babies learning how to walk...........they fall....and fall till they triumph..........same goes to us when we grow older.we will rise and fall.........but don't fall forever....
The sadness is felt in the words you have written. But you must never give up on yourself, friends will come and go but what you must understand that family will always be there for you in the long run. So hang in there things will can and will change overtime. Scott
You be encouraged Tholong, now you can hold on! Debbie Bennett
sad poem. are you still falling?