I Can'T Take It Anymore

I can’t take it any more:

When I look in your eyes
But no one’s in, inside

When I’m in a crowded crowd
But all alone in my own cloud

When I look inside my heart
And feel were drifting far apart

When I wake up in the morning
And I hear the sound of no one calling

When I get so, so confused
And I cannot confide in you

When I hope that I am wrong
But find out that I am right

When I answer the ringing phone
And there’s only a mono tone

When I reach the goal I set
And find it’s not what I expect

When I arrive at my destination
And it’s lost its fascination

When I struggle to get home
And find it’s just a grave

When I’m soft and so alone
And you are just like stone

I can’t take it anymore
And I don’t know what it is.

I don’t want it anymore
This is no way to exist.

And then I give a little smile
And remember this

That seasons come
And Ice will thaw

Dawn will come
And darkness will be lit.

by David Taylor

Comments (4)

It's funny how moods will reflect a different perspective...I read this awhile ago and thought it very optimistic...I read it now...and say to myself...but does ice always thaw? ? ? It's still a very good poem, from your heart. Hugs, Dee
Lovely poem David...You've spilled yourself upon the paper with this one...open, but still optimistic in the end. Hugs, Dee
i can understand the feelings... and as they say 'the show must go on', it really does.... no matter how dark the moments be... they too will pass...
David what a fantastic poem on Loss and Loneliness, great writing 10...