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I Can'T Turn Back The Clock
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

I Can'T Turn Back The Clock

Poem By Not Long Left

i can't turn back the clock,
i can't and it hurts,
i shall never live as a child again,
and dance naked in the late autumn rain.
i shall never again cry crocidile tears,
i shall never relive those timeless years.
i cant turn back the clock.
no longer can i run to mum, after a nightmare,
no longer can i swing on those empty park swings,
with friends who are no longer there.
never shall i smile, that innocent smile,
nor dream those fruitfull dreams,
now it drunken tears and angry screams.
i cant turn back the clock.
i cant be calmed by a hug or a kiss,
i cant relive that childhood bliss.
daddy isnt here to bellittle the bully,
mummy isnt here to bandage, my bruised bloody knee.
nana is long gone,
a memory,
a permant imprint found within the family tree.
once it was sunny stress free days,
these now lost in a deppressive haze,
i cant turn back the clock.
once the teenager emerged the child stopped,
then the teenager feel foul and here i am now.
sitting, wishing, to smell the scents,
from the old family home,
where is spent all those happy times,
but time is not forgiving and you pay for your crimes.
i know is should let time continue its never ending race
and then you say, it will all fall into place,
but i am a dreamer, ands all i do,
when i was a child it was all i ever knew.

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This poem voices angst that we've all felt at some satge of our lives. I can relate to the last two lines especially. The poem covers similar ground to Wordsworth's 'Intimations of Immortality' (http: //www.bartleby.com/145/ww331.html)