I Can’t Wait To Drop My Trousers

Three hours into our date
And many cocktails later
I’m in an utterly desperate state
With sensations growing greater

It feels like a massive legion
Of soldiers doing an mind-blowing job
At stirring desire in my nether region
Rousing it, making it throb

I’ve never felt such yearning bestowed
To me between moist thighs
If you touched me I bet I’d explode
But I’m chatting calmly, in disguise

I do enjoy your conversation
But it's like I've waited hours and hours
And with increasing desperation
I can’t wait to dropp my trousers

If only a bit of silence resumed
Then I'd say: ‘please excuse me’
I’d make a dash to the ladies room
‘cos I desperately need to pee

by Lea Simpson

Comments (9)

truly witty and cleverly penned.. :) Brava Lea!
No way am I a dirty old man, but you really had me on this one! Thanks.
What a great idea and done sooo well! Totally relatable, either take! Thanks for the laugh, Lea : ]
Now that is a giggle. You should look out for Michael Emine.
ha ha ha! oh my god, how clever! you really had me going with this one, Lea. Jake
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