I Can'T Wait Until June Cleaver

the perfect woman
tv guide
once stated.

'she is a pearl
she wears a string of them.'

she was mother
to a normal family
in mayfield usa.

she kept the house clean,
made breakfast, packed lunches,
and wore very little make up
on her perfect pretty face.

her days were boring
as she had nothing
to do while sitting backstage
waiting on the kids
to come home from school.

she began drinking
the second season.

this boozing affected
her relationship
with the rest of the cast:

'I can't work like this'
she protested when having
to drink milk
during the dinner scenes.

her pearls began to lose their sheen
in the glare of the spotlight.

'ward, ' she demanded
in episode 127 scene 13,
'wash the f***ing dishes yourself.'

she had an affair with fred.

ward was devastated.

ratings dropped.

throughout it all
she maintained that angelic look.

sputnik plummeted to earth
in a fiery demise.

the rest is television history.

don't touch that dial.


by Kyle Schlicher

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