CK (12/21/1993 / New london wisconsin)

Blog - Beautiful Love Of Goodies

BLOG - Beautiful Love Of Goodies
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
I thought I would slog
Over a blog which is soul searching
But there's this fog in my mind
Which dogs me;

If I could spark a figment of my imagination
It would be the colour of the combined pigments, red and blue
And it would sing the tune of beautiful music
And I would be immune to a false note;

But I hear music in the air
Which comes from happiness and love
Not to mention joy from work
And it sings the tune of success in sex, money and cooking;

So, cook up a romance through which you go Dutch
Or Ladies! Remember it's a fight between Prince Charming and a Sugar Daddy.

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wow........u changed ur style alot. a little less inocent. it was a great poem but i hope u didn't mean it literally cuz ur too young for that BUT A GREAT POET