I Can'T

We can not keep things this way,
something has to change,
though saying goodbye may look easy,
my heart is filled with pain.

Every week there is another fight,
we make up all the same,
but what you do not realize,
my hearts being stripped away.

Every time you say I love you,
you don't hear it right away,
it doesn't mean that I don't care,
or do not feel the same.

They say that love is one big pain,
this pain I did surely feel,
these pains I did not know I had,
ones I didn't know were real.

If anybody asks if I love you,
they will hear me say,
I love you with all my heart,
and that will never fade.

Though I love you with all my heart,
my heart pushes you away,
you say you are here for me,
and here you will stay.

I don't want you to stay with me,
I want you to move on,
saying this tears me apart,
though apart I will be strong.

I know I need to leave this place,
and run far far away,
because I just lost the best thing I had,
which makes tears stream down my face.

by Adam Fletcher

Comments (2)

Brilliant - you've reached into my heart - christ it's scary.
A sad heartfelt poem...Been there I understand completely.