GL (June 1988 / England)

I Can Too!

I can write poetry too
Its quite easy really
It doesn't matter what,
Sophisticated pattern you produce

I can write essays too
It isn't that difficult really
It doesn't matter how much,
you write but its context that counts

I can write letters too
Its quite simple really
It just needs the subject matter
And your away with the flow

I can talk properly too
It doesn't take much
You just imitate and learn,
A couple of useful words

I can play elegantly too
Its not that hard at all really
Just open your heart and
Play that sonata of your soul

But I can hurt too
It is the easiest to do
Just write the poetry
And the letters and talk the way you do
Because I don't think you realise that,
We can all hurt too!

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The poem has amazing flow...and beneath the seemingly child like petulance of the title is the depth and sorrow of a soul as human and fragile as any other. a lovely poem.. Love, Valsa