- My Lovely Beauty Lady Let Me Forget The Whole World-

Please my lovely lady makes me forget the whole world and all my pains with you and let's dance
Lets live our beautiful nights each other only far of the crowds places
Hold me in your comfortable soft arms and stay with me please
Let me live in your beautiful angels magic eyes honey
Let me replete from seeing your awesome beauty my lovely lady
Honey I don't believe that I am now with you at end of my long suffering in getting you
I don't believe this because everything finally became true I never thought this it was impossible
Please my lovely lady let me lift you inside my eyes cause I really respect you honey
Without you and your love I will became without dignity like a citizen without his mother country
Darling I wish that our life stands longer and we can live forever like a knight with his princess
Cause I want to stay loving you every second from all my life without losing any tiny thing
I dreamed from many years ago that I will see you soon and I will fall into your love
Finally everything is become true all my dreams became true and you are to me now forever

by Ali Sabry

Comments (2)

A variation on the Petrarchan sonnet, with a 9-line octave and 7-line sestet'. Is the problem grief and the resolution faith? And is the final Him Christ? I think more complex, just like it's a sonnet plus.
I can't grasp it..........