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I Cannot
LD (January 17,1989 / Orange, California)

I Cannot

i cannot run
i cannot hide
from the feelings i've hidden inside
they haunt my dreams
they follow my life
unable to escape, a prisoner i am
i'm unsure of how it began
how this all came to be
but i know that without it i'd become
empty inside the glass shell of mine
is this true, or forever a mirror
of the trauma i've kept inside
i've escaped the ever present sun
except i found only darkness
both make me sick of life,
make me sick of who i am
i cannot survive without a little of each
but with them, i cannot live
the purpose of my time
has yet to be revealed
choosing to hide itself
in shady areas of the world
but until i find out where i come from
i cannot find out who i'll be

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