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I Cannot Deal With This
SAS SARAH A. STRUSZCZYK (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

I Cannot Deal With This

There are no words to describe the feelings that I feel
One minute I feel one way but I know that it’s not real
I grab my head and cry, not knowing what to do
How can I possibly hold on to someone like you?
You’ve pushed me when I was down
Pushed me further and further away
Distance is making me realize
That our home is not where I want to stay
Happiness is not fully there, you still continue to do the same
When will you ever realize what I say to you isn’t a game?
I’m trying to help you help us, but you’re selfish and do what you please
So when I finally move on with someone new; don’t you dare get down on your knees!
Don’t beg for me to stay, don’t beg for another chance; because I have waited 6 long years for another spark to happen in our romance
But you just kept assuming taking advantage thinking I’d always be around
But it’s getting closer to that moment and I can no longer keep myself down
Your choices, your reasons whatever it may be
They all pushed me away from you honestly
The trust is gone the hate exists
I love you but I hate you
And I cannot deal with this.

September 9,2008

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