I Cannot Even Hope To Imagine

I cannot even hope to imagine the way that you do feel
Compared to some your problems may seem little but to you your problems are real
Life's journey is not always easy and life's not always fair
And many left to struggle with their black dog of despair.

Of the worries that beset you others may be aware
And you only have their pity for that's all they can spare
Your cross in life seems heavy and you find it hard to bear
But there are many like you in the bigger World out there.

I cannot hope to imagine your burden of stress
It has been awhile now since you've known happiness
So few who want to know you when you're feeling down
Yet so many like you even living in this town.

I cannot hope to imagine of the sadness you must know
You even feel sadder now than you felt a few weeks ago
But happier times for you may be ahead
For where there is life there is hope it is said.

by Francis Duggan

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