I Cannot Expend Energy

I cannot expend energy on disliking others though dislike in itself is not a crime
With my time i have things for to do better and disliking one does seem a waste of time
Just live and let live seems a better idea if you do not like one leave that person be
Those i do not like in some ways than me are better at least that is how it does appear to me
Not everyone you know can be your good friend i'm only saying what i know here to be true
The bond of good friendship is something that is special and from life we receive what only is our due
Yet i cannot waste time in disliking of others i just want to live life and forget and forgive
Life is far too short to be wasted on negative energy i just want to be happy for as long as i live
I do know of people who are very bitter on someone they do not like revenging their mind
The anger they feel it keeps bubbling within them i can only feel sorry for them and their kind
I want to be happy and live free of anger since anger does seem to eat happiness away
For those i do not like i do not hold grudges though any kind things of me they do not have to say
And die without pain in my sleep as an old man is all i ask of life and little else more
Those who have sinned against me i can only forgive with them i will not try for to even the score.

by Francis Duggan

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