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To A Friend
DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

To A Friend

Poem By William Carlos Williams

I take my rubbish to the dump
and I find that it is not the dump
but the civic amenity point
I turn on my laptop
but it's not a laptop
it's a notebook
I read my book
which is not a book
but a visual learning device
I eat my food
which is oral sustenance
I cannot think for myself
I must think outside the box
what box?
I write with my fountainpen
or should that be a transcribing implement
my watch says it is twelve minutes to six
my miniature chronometer I mean
I used to wear a brace for my teeth
it was called a nonremovable appliance
or something
sounds like a washingmachine
my glasses are visionenhancers

why can't anybody speak English?

(Sunday,6th November,2005.)

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It's become a 'mad, mad, world' out there now David, nothing makes sense anymore. A 'delivery driver' is now a 'logistics operative' What's wrong with a delivery driver..Everyone's trying to be posher than they are. Crazy! ! ! ! ! ! Well thought out poem. Sincerely Ernestine