MW (September 14 / Dallas)

I Cannot Imagine The World Without You

I cannot imagine the world without you by my side,
Leaving, youre gone, leaves something heavy deep inside-
Everything goes black, and nothing makes sense-
Or cares to make sense, when you’re gone
I lose myself sometimes; most times I find I can not see why you care
How someone, as wonderful as you, care for someone like me.
I feel dizzy, most times-because I can not feed myself right
Cant you see? My head doesn’t work right-
I love you, in hating myself-I feel able to love you more
But sometimes it backfires and I find hate in everything
Because I can not see happiness..
When I have you, and all I needed was you.
I cannot live in this world, if not with you by my side-
Even as I lay alone at night thinking of the ways to take my life-
The thought of you always brings a glimmer of hope
Maybe I can make it.
Maybe it is worth it.
Maybe I can feel happiness
Maybe life isn’t all dark.
You make me feel free-when I cage myself so much already-
You make me feel safe-when I can not trust myself in cold nights
If I feed you the venom I feed myself, don’t leave me, it stings me inside
I can burn in flames, and still would rather be there then not have you here.
Cant you see, I cannot live this life without you with me.

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without love without truth how can one live? I like it in this way, thanks.