I Cannot Like Everybody

On saying i cannot like everybody is something you would have heard others say before
But i am not one for harboring grudges or planning to settle a score
I only want to treat others people as i would wish them to treat me
Those who spend their time hating others do nothing for World harmony
It has to be a truism that in life one must give to receive
And everyone ought to warrant a fair go on live and let live i believe
You can make the World better to live in by becoming a far better you
And in me like in many plenty room for improvement does only happen to be true
Some people are kind and compassionate and some in their ways very small
And i have yet to meet one who is perfect a little of the selfish gene in us all
Those willing to treat others fairly and help those of helping in need
For future good karma for themselves they surely are planting the seed
You can become a better person by becoming the best you can be
And this applies to everybody and everybody does includes me.

by Francis Duggan

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