I Cannot Say

I cannot say in life i have been there and done that
Though i have worked on pipeline crew in and near Ballarat
And in the Yarra Ranges i have lopped and felled tall trees
Though for such work one does not need any uni degrees

And by Mushera Mountain in the cold rain and snow
I felled pine and spruce trees when the wintry winds did blow
But going back in time this now seems long ago
And time as we know becomes everyone's foe

I was baptized Francis though i have been called Francie and Frank
And as life's high achievers do go i am not one of high rank
Just one of those plodders who does keep plodding on
Though my best years in life in the forever gone

I am not one who can say that i know it all
Since my accumulated volume of knowledge seems small
I just wish to be happy and healthy for as long as i live
And learn how to receive and learn how to give.

by Francis Duggan

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