I Cannot Say

I cannot say I've felt
That I am myself....

Running through a Hurricane.

Chaos; insane

Living in a Eulogy.

A loss; refrain

Drowned and fastly sinking slow.

Across The Plain

Numbed to numbness....
Void in the void....
Scared of fear....

I cannotsay I've felt myself.

Since deep within my core
are subtleties of stately dreams
I have not dreamnt before!

At times I sink down
into the darkness....
Standing in the heavy rain....
Quaking with the fear-mongers....

I cannot live to stay this way,
and so I sing a song...

"Empowered is the man I am,
and anything to do I can!
Come and fight me, agony -
and never rise to victory!
Here I am and here I stay!
Shove my purpose not away!
You shall fall as I shall live
as - to myself - I shall forgive.
Make a martyr of your shrine -
True divinity is mine!
I do not fear what has no power,
and I dismiss you here this hour! "

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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