I Cannot Say Age Has Made Me Wiser

I cannot say age has made me wiser i have grown older and fatter
And yesterday has been and gone today is all that does matter
Tomorrow is another day and time is on the hurry
And one small worry it does seem can lead to a bigger worry
Enjoy life if you can do and make the most of living
Life is not all about receiving it is also about giving
In the Human World sad to say far too many of the greedy
And far too few of the kind and caring for to help the poor and needy
I cannot do much for anyone since i am not materially wealthy
Though i have no reason to complain since i feel content and healthy
For those in poverty life would be better if every materially wealthy person were generous, kind and caring
And among those in need of financial help some of their material wealth felt like sharing
I am luckier than most people are so many than me doing it tougher
And i feel that luck is on my side since my life journey could be rougher.

by Francis Duggan

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