I Cannot Say I Hate Anybody

I cannot say I hate anybody 'tis what some stand for that I hate
Those for war and anti nature people are people I would not celebrate
With them I share nothing in common no two are the same as they say
But war between Nations and war on Nature are wars that are waged every day.

I cannot say I hate anybody though some I do not understand
In their greed for money they are ruthless they pollute the Seas and the Land
Due to habitat destruction birds and animals becoming rarer for our Natural Environment too few seem to care
And thousands of people grow poorer for every newly proclaimed millionaire.

I cannot say I hate anybody though with their views on life I don't agree
That for money they wage war on Nature makes them a blight on Humanity
World Wildlife becoming endangered they are on the pathway that to extinction lead
Due to development Land for Wildlife keeps dwindling the price we pay for Human greed.

I cannot say I hate anybody I hate what they stand for that is all
Compared to the achievements of Mother Nature the greatest Human achievement is small
The wars between Nations and man's war on Nature one might say has gone on for too long
And that the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on widening seems disappointing and all wrong

by Francis Duggan

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