I Cannot Say I Have

I cannot say i have been there and done that
Though i have logged trees in Duhallow and Muskerry and worked in pipelines in Ballarat
And worked as a young man in apartment buildings in the City of New York
Far south of my first homeplace in Millstreet County Cork
Worked on buildings sites in Melbourne and in the Yarra Ranges on high towers trimmed trees
Above electricity powerlines in weather temperatures of varying degrees
But many have seen more of the World than me
And been in more Countries and greater sights see
We learn as we live the wise one does say
And we never stop learning until our life's final day
Yet the one who has travelled is not in any way more wise
Than the one who has never seen a foreign sunrise
That many people have worked harder and done more things than i have i have come to realize
Yet we learn as we live though age does not make you wise.

by Francis Duggan

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Such a wise write, Francis..... a perfect 10+++++