I Cannot Survive

Without my sword i can fight
Every brave and every knight
Without my eyes i can catch
Every signal and every flash
Without my wings i can fly
To every star in the sky
Without my tears i can cry
On every girl and every guy
With out your love i could die
In every way and my reality deny
Between your hands i put my soul
Nothing but your happiness is my goal
All my love i will give
Just open your heart and let me live.

by Justice For All

Comments (13)

vow beautifull and lovely poem.posted10 surya
wooow its lovely i really liked it
soooooooooooooo lovely.
without my tears i can cry... open your heart and let me live most touching... loved it
this one is really impressive. the smoothness of the words and balance between the meanings and the sounds on the letters give this poem importance and great value. I like this one that I read it more than once. waiting for more
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