I Cant Breathe Anymore '88

i was sitting with a drink in my hand
i was looking for something to eat
my head began to hurt and my nose tried to bleed
my neck fell back and the blood started seeping to my brain
and my eyes popped out and the walls were all heavy shakers
i stood up to see if life was even around to follow
i look at the picture in the living room where i noticed i wasnt awake
the picture turned to shingles and i was staring at a roof
i walked on over to the end
the ground was levitating over the water
and the puddles were nothing to talk about
so i left the scene and woke up feeling outside of the dream
but this feeling i despise wasnt questioning a thing
the whole world never saw it through my eyes so i know
that nothing i agree on will ever be taken from the animals
in the spite of things i notice i am breathing in like
im part of what i can swallow and i am part of what ive never bothered
so if i look like im noticing you give me nothing
for i just like you have never peered onto the street with our empty bottles

by Wilkins Driver

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