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I Cant Stop Crying
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

I Cant Stop Crying

I cant stop crying,
its not my fault,
I didnt do a thing,
Why do you have to be so mean?
I cant stop cying,
I try my hardest,
I give all my strength,
Only to please you if only for a moment can i get your approval?
A simple 'well done' or a 'thats great' even a 'nice job' is all that i ask,
Is it such a hard task?
I cant stop crying,
I crave for your pat on the back and love 'till the end,
But daddy when it comes to you i quickly decend.
I cant stop crying,
I told you its not my fault,
I told you i didnt do a thing,
Why cant you believe me?
I cant stop crying,
No need to shout,
No need to smack,
I just want you to love me beyond belief.
I cant stop crying,
Im confident in my love for you,
Although sometimes im not so sure,
My head could be lying,
My heart could mean more,
It says to HATE YOU,
With all my might.
I cant stop crying,
The more i think,
The more i ponder,
I think i should reconcider,
The more i wonder if my heart is telling the truth,
I see a whole lot less of you,
My haterid grows,
My love begins to wither,
There wasnt a thing i thought i wanted more,
I think im begining to see everything clearer.
I am not crying,
My tears are all gone,
Can you believe it?
I only had to realize one simple thing:
I may always love you,
But the haterid will always be present,
Its best to let your love go and to feel a since of pride,
To feel loved,
To feel cared for,
And most of all,
To feel no tears.

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