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I Cant Tell You

I can't tell you about my sperm doning Dad,
But I can tell you about kiddnapping that
Left a mother traumatized and sad.
I can't tell you about a father figure
that was a positve guiding,
but i can tell you about fights where
mom n dad were brutally fighting

I can't tell you about good teachers
But I can tell ou about crooked preachers.
I can't even tell you about positve critisim,
But I sure can tell you about guidance
amongst the world of criminalisim.
I won't even tell you about 7th or 8th grade,
But I can tell you about a 10 year old getting laid.
I can't tell you about high school dances
And young women with dress laces,
But I can tell you all about high speed chases.
I wish I could tell you about a successful
23 year old with a brain.
Sure can tell you about riding loked to da brain!
All the forgtten times spent with mama
Would be appreciated but memories are
Filled with trauma and drama.
All the bullshit one goes through;
All the people try to predict what you will amount to;
All kinds of time spent inhaling herb;
Many nights watching Dad point a
30 ott six at the ghetto bird.
Wondering where God is in all this
In which I call normal,
Wondering why the world looks at me
As if I'm supopse to be formal.
Always cautious and paranoid,
from all the stupid hoes that are void.
I often wonder how it could have been,
I should just wipe'em all out with the Mack 10.
One day I know I will snap,
And sure as shit arata-tat-tat
Please forgive me Lord;
You left us on Earth for a moral test,
You must have been bored.
All the shit in which I absorbed,
A whole life of crime in which I was born aboard.7.21.03 W GARRETT

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