I Care Enough To Agree With You

What isn't today known,
To one day have it acknowledged...
By others identifying it as 'wisdom,
Takes a willingness to face life.
And unafraid of truth or how painful the bite.
With its ups and downs and disappointments.
Mistakes to admit with a forgiveness permitted.
And refusing to accept ignorance as a pre-requisite.

To live through life in denial and making excuses...
Will always leave those defending their insecurities,
With a soliciting of others to believe...
There are those specifically picking on them to victimize.
And today...
So many prefer to remain in a mental bondage.
Free to limit their own experiences.
To then hold others accountable for their choices made.

'I can't read or write.
I'm too stupid to learn.
Others are too smart.
I am just too dumb.'

~I agree with you.
You're right.~

'You're just like the others.
You don't care about me.'

'I do care.
I care enough to agree with you.
Others would disagree.
To have you believe differently.
I'm on your side.
You say you are stupid and dumb and I agree.
How much caring shown from me do you want? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I love this profound expression of human understanding It is a perfect opus! You did it!