I Care Not Of Others Criticisms

I care not of others criticisms as long as I'm not a victim of lies
The truth is a thing most can live with though most of us our real selves do try to disguise
From the inquisitions of others we'd like our own business to stay that way
And often in talking to others of our lives we must choose what we say.

Since some people are into comparing that's how to themselves they relate
If they feel their job is better than your job their ego begins to inflate
And all of us are blessed with egos though some egos quite big 'twould seem
For to think they are better than others is a huge boost to their self esteem.

I care not of others criticisms as long as of me they do speak the truth
Though the truth it can often sound bitter when spoken by those lacking in ruth
But people who spread malicious lies about others are the worst type of people of all
Such people one might say unworthy their outlook on life is so small.

I care not of others criticisms when others their views on me air
I'd like them at least to be truthful since the truth it is never unfair
The truth at times may seem quite hurtful but the truth it can never defame
But those who spread lies about people are those who sully humanity's name.

by Francis Duggan

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