I Changed The World Today *spoken Word*

I met a man
Unbiased shook another's hand
told a troubled soul I understand
I walked hand and hand
to foreign land
and made demands
To disarm the taliban

on those distant sands
I brought Osama to his knees
and as they say evil comes in threes

so I thought to myself why not good
so I lead a crusade through the hood
and we strip every street corner
and tell those that have been told that they cant that they could

we knocked on wood, doors
uplifted children from the floors
and the socially molested victims to suffer no more
with love we brought forth a cure

one that doesn't require you to go
to the hospitals and deal with the PPO
or the the social security offices that are packed
and moving way to slow
and the baby is screaming
and all you want is to let go
believe me
my family


I wiped the tears of orphans
sat with the grandparents of the world on the porch and
soaked up the wisdom of the past
before anthrax and abortion
and millions of dollars in the Enron scandal
and modern day extortion

you know what I'm talking about
way before it was a fad
where good is substituted for bad
when parents knew what their kids had

when guns weren't being passed around like school lunches
and our future leaders are dying by the bunches
before parents gave priority to the treadmill and crunches
instead of why their children are fighting and constantly throwing punches

which leads to more problems and they have never been taught
so their souls hold no penitence
so they show up to school with a 45. and trade off a life sentence

so in my third good deed
I mentor young seeds
I'll play the big brother
for those who feel they're missing
a father or a mother

or just need a structure on which to lean
I'll be their support beam
be that friend that they need
show them, I too bleed

tell them what they need to hear
not what I think they want me to say

'I Told You I Changed The World Today'

by Daryl Hennix

Comments (3)

i really, really...... loved this poem and would like to hear it performed. I don't know what exactly i want to say, but it's great and makes me wish we could all change the world a little every day.
All I can say to this is WOW because I am utterly speechless. I loved this poem.