QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)

I Choose The Road Less Taken By Others

Me, the phenomenal, the intelligent, The one some consider reckless-
has chosen the road not taken.

Those who think their poets but faking; Frightful, desightful trying to live by rights thats not rightful.

Me- I chose the road less take by, when i asked a friend to join me down that road they made up a lie;
I asked why not confide in the truth?

Choosing this road i consider myself a better person than you-
Reason being i have sense of direction - walking down my own path writing this words down making my peers mad, making those who taught me glad and making my father up above praise and clap his hand....

I am a woman not in need of a man so here i stand on high lands reaching peeks having all my haters beneath be with the road i chose completes me funny how those same friends that left me and lied to me now serve me!

by Queen Taz

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well...the road with no obstacles..probably leads no where..