I Choose To Be Eccentric

I don't think you are listening to me.

I make no attempts,
To duplicate the efforts of others
For comparison purposes,
That may gain your approval.
If I left that impression...
May I have it back?

I am carving out my path in this jungle.
Alone and slightly nervous...
Without a sigh of desperation or fear.
I want to make that clear,
To anyone in doubt...
And in observation!

I am not the 'next' of anything!
I am the first of everything.
I will ask for your advice,
And if I do so...
It is not a request to hold your hand,
Or be handcuffed to ideals!

This is what I want understood.
This is what I want you to understand.
And that is the only reason you noticed!

The fact that I enjoy eating crumpets,
Sipping mint tea naked in public...
Is MY decision,
And has nothing to do
With seeking attention,
Trust me!

What do you mean I am being arrested?
Because I attest restrictions?
I protest.

I don't think you are listening to me,
I choose to be eccentric!
And the other patrons are offended by that!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Brilliant! ! Loved every word. Great story, very well expressed. I found it quite amusing, I'd like to say hilarious, but you might be offended! ! ! Thanks for the find. Love Ernestine XXX