DS (4/26/1960 / Rochester, NY)

I Choose

I’ve often wondered why people fear death. Is it the question of the unknown or what will take them and when will it come? I myself have pondered these things but have no great fear of them or a deep desire for them. It’s just I have an understanding and expectance of them.

Why people get so possessed or so overly involved in death. The memories of life are over shadowed by the brief time of their passing. The light of life should be remembered not the flicker of the end.

I guess it’s the many choices people have to cope or deal with. The criers to the doers. The ones who withdraw to the one who comforts all. The ones who question why to the ones that accept and carry on.

I choose to live, laugh, love and cherish the time I have here and now. The warmth of my life will linger in the hearts of all I’ve touched. My sense of humor will bring memories of laughter and smiles to faces of those left behind and the love I have shared will be cherished by all who knew me.

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