Wedding Picture Face Down

A man follows an alluring woman
From a bookstore rendezvous
Through twisting streets
Of illicit passion;
He enters her house
To gently kiss her neck
In the plain white kitchen
Where she has prepared meals
For life-draining years
For the same unappreciative husband.

He removes her clothes
Slowly in the afternoon,
Dropping her panties in a hallway
Next to her husband’s study;
He tastes her body, the warm sweetness,
Until she achingly moans.
He gazes for a moment at a wedding picture
And then turns it face down;
He makes no promises
Beyond the present adoration
Of her tender body
Currently unused for years
In the confines of her bedroom.

Forbidden lust
Has a magnetic pull;
The biting of shoulders,
Red finger marks left on the flesh
That was firmly pressed,
Her designations of sensual desire,
To be later camouflaged and covered up
By modest clothing and showers discreetly taken
When her husband isn’t present
To hand her a towel.

by Uriah Hamilton

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great cartoon-like defence of mice, B.C.
I simply cannot stomach this Collinsian hyper cogiation over simple things. Who in his right mind ever thought such absurd things about the three blind mice? Was it congenital? come on! Give me a break. Tell me something honest and worth knowing, not this intellectual posturing that cannot bear even one second of honest scrutiny! ! !
Wonderful Billy Collins Maybe its not three blind mice perhaps its mouse mouse mouse And what about Sage Rosemary and Thyme
This is the cleverest thing I have ever read Ian
Oh my goodness. Billy Collins CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's ears! (and chop parsley at the same time.) Wonderful!
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