I Chose With This Prose To Share

I could,
With this prose...
Ramble on,

And in doing so,
Seek content.
In a way I believe,
Would have intention meant.

But for some living foolishly,
Whatever another observes and perceives...
Would be for them a waste of print.
And that would be,
Their message sent.

Yet there come those days,
That separate themselves...
From events experienced,
Like none that have before been felt.

And with aging comes an acknowledgement...
Of an acceptance done,
As one awakens to enjoy each moment.
To appreciate with gratefulness...
An opportunity to address,
A growing enlightenment...
Arriving to inspire within one's consciousness.

I could,
With this prose...
Ramble on,

It seems that in the making of sense,
Only those who have the time to do it...
Are the ones caring less,
To make attempts to convince!
And I chose with this prose,
To share a part of me I willfully expose.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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