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I Cling To The Past
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I Cling To The Past

Poem By Francis Duggan

I'm tied to the past and I do dread the future and I cannot look back on a glorious prime
And with my acquaintances I never discuss literary matters or tell them I am one who dabbles in rhyme
My acquaintances are not literary minded people but in that they are not very different to me
'Tis true what they say that we dislike in others the things in ourselves we prefer not to see.

I am not a lover of modern poetry though with literary dons non rhyme poets are very popular today
I'm not well educated and I've not been in Uni he's a radical redneck some of me do say
Conservative Governments are ruling the World and modern Socialist parties only socialist in name
The wealthy getting wealthier and the poor getting poorer though nothing in life ever does stay the same.

The poor getting poorer that does seem a pity they once had to live on little and they now live on less
You are not judged by the type of person that you are you are judged by your suburb and by your address
Super wealthy religious zealots are ruling the World they stamp on the poor and to their God they pray
I can't say I hate them but I hate what they stand for their past it will come back for to haunt them one day.

Like the arts and literature everything is changing the majority give their power to the wealthy few
The wealthy getting wealthier and the poor getting poorer in that some will tell you there is nothing new
The gap between the haves and the have nots increasing and Human Society in advanced decay
We well might be quite close to a Worldwide revolution at least by the trends things are pointing that way.

A bible in their left hand and a gun in their right hand they talk through the bible and shoot with the gun
And climate change is causing famine and hardship the crops will not grow in the sizzling sun
The Social imbalance in the World that we live in a fool could even tell you is not destined to last
And I feel saddened by some of the poverty I see around me I do dread the future and I cling to the past.

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