I Come From The Land

I come from the Land of the rook and gray crow
And the old rushy fields where Finnow waters flow
By many a hedgerow and many a tree
On to the Blackwater en route to the sea.

I come from the Land where the Cails winds it's way
Through Annagloor, Shannaknuck and old Liscreagh
From it's birthplace the mountain lake by Kippagh hill
It grows to a river from a humble rill.

The clock it ticks on time does not wait for me
And a Claraghatlea fellow is all i can be
'Tis there i was born and first saw light of day
Though far from Millstreet in Duhallow my bones well may lay.

I come from the Land of the badger and the shy mountain hare
Though nowadays i well might seem a stranger there
It has been two decades some twenty Winters ago
Since i last saw old Clara in his hat of snow.

I come from the Land of the snipe and brown wren
Who sings loud and clear in the old furzy glen
Though I live thousands of miles from Hibernia's shore
And the high mountain fields of old green Claramore.

by Francis Duggan

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