I Come From The Place

I come from the place where the old Finnow flow
Through grassy fields and rushy fields and by many a hedgerow
On towards the Blackwater by night and by day
Through old Townlands of Millstreet it babbles on it's way

On towards the Blackwater en route to the sea
The rivers by centuries pre date history
Before the birth of the first dinosaurs the rivers did flow
Going back thousands and thousands of centuries ago.

When I was much younger and in my life's prime
The wonders of Nature inspired me to rhyme
Mother Nature she never ceases to inspire
And of singing her praises could one ever tire?

I come from the place of the black and gray crow
Where old Clara in Winter wears his hat of snow
A stranger to wealth and success and renown
I live far from Claraghatlea and Millstreet Town.

by Francis Duggan

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