I Confess

</>I confess that my life’s a mess
But I know that maybe it's just stress

I confess of once skipping school
But ended up looking like a fool

I confess of being obsessed
With trying to be like all the rest

I confess of being seen as dumb
But unlike you I don’t suck my thumb

I confess of not being a saint
Cause I don’t pretend to be something I aint

I confess of backstabbing a friend
But I promise to her that right now that ends

I confess of falling in love with you
Even though id always say that wasn’t true

I confess of always being depressed
Because I fail when I try to express
The pain I feel inside my chest

I confess of writing my deepest desires
Into a book wrapped with gray wires

by Jennifer Alejandra

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A sweet poem, very nice and sweet