I Could Arrest You For Disturbing The Peace

What's going on?
What is this all about?
And why is that guy standing,
With his hands above his head
Butt naked?
And why are there two groups of people,
Arguing with one another?

I want these people out of my store.
They are ruining my business.'

Has anyone stolen anything?

That guy naked,
Came into my store.
And said he had 'had' it.
He wanted me to call the police.
I told him he committed no crime.
Then I said
Even if you stripped butt naked
With your hands above your head,
That would be indecent exposure.
I could have you arrested for that!

I called 911.
While I was explaining what was going on.
Those people standing over there,
Thought he was not indecent.
That other group over there behind you.
Decided that he was

And then he started screaming,
~What difference does it make if I am circumcized or not?
I am the one requesting to be arrested.

What is it you want me to do?


I can't.
Aren't those people still in the middle of their debate?
When did debating become a crime?
Now I do admit,
This situation is most unusual.
But calm down.
And I 'hope' you have a permit for that gun.
I could arrest you for disturbing the peace,
And threatening your customers.
I'll have to call for backup.
Are you the owner?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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