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When Truth Is So Blurred (Didactic Poetry)
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When Truth Is So Blurred (Didactic Poetry)

When Truth is so blurred and diluted
Stand strong, declare it, hold your head up high.
Though men may change and their minds polluted
Remain with Truth and never ever live a lie.

When those that rule negate what's true on earth,
And sway those governed with their falsehood as laws,
Resolve to fight for Truth for all that it's worth,
To stand for one's values is a righteous cause.

The silent will never speak out what is true,
In complacent comfort they prefer to bow.
Their nation soon falls, they know not what to do,
For truth tells us this - we reap what we sow.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~~02.21.16

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Comments (2)

Another very powerful poem! It's beautifully expressed. And again, I'm sorry. The imagery is great. And I just love how you've written this!
Yikes, Very intense..