I Could Have Easily Used A Simple Wrench

What do I think about the increase,
Of today's rising social ills?

I remember once having a leaking faucet.
I ignored the dripping of it for weeks.
One day it got on my nerves so bad,
I broke the handle off the faucet.
And tried to stop the gushing of water.
And ended up,
Having to have my entire bathroom remodeled.

And then decided to take out a loan,
To redo my entire home.
Only to discover,
The value of my home depreciated...
When the homes around me were being foreclosed.

And now I am stuck with a bill,
My grandchildren's children...
Will never be able to repay.

And everyday I say to myself...
I could have easily used a simple wrench,
To tighten a loosened nut!
And that would have stopped the dripping.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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