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I Could Love Again
FU (1/23/1979 / Philippines)

I Could Love Again

Poem By Francis Utada

Now the reason is gone to love again
Empty room is all I could ever been to
Rain on my window as I start my day
Picture of you scattered on the floor

Could I ever get over this love you gave
The love you have promise for forever
Now you're gone with your sweet goodbye
How could I love again to what you have left

Though the sun tries to shine I refuse to see
Still the hope of getting back is all I could ask
I'll live my days alone just to be with you again
If the sun resist to shine, i'll resist not to

Flood of tears on the floor
Your picture has fade and your letter has torned
Though in my memories still it's fresh
Now I know i miss your hugs and kiss

Though I maybe paralyze to what you have brought
Still I know I could love again once more
Tomorrow I can be over you, I know I will
But until the wound is fresh, i'll still hope and dream of you

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Comments (2)

Nice poem, Mark...nothing can be better than true emotions!
we're seem to be on the same ground! really nice poem here mark!