AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )

I Could Never Fit In

walking down these walls
seeing everyone together
friends lovers
yet i dont have one
i walk just like i just dont fit in
for all who look down apond me
yet i dont know why
i keep a smile on for the day is almost done
going back to the house
that i dont want to return to
for love i wish would call my name
but so far it has
and i could not return it
for everything holds us apart
yet i fight for all of it
just so we could be happy
but i still walk in these walls
for a couple more years
and still get look apond
for none will ever know
just all the hurt that i go through
the marks i cover up to never show
everyday when i wake
cause i walk around with a smile on
and your charm around my neck
so i just could feel a little closer to you
for you i run to you in my dreams
you'll always there
to catch me when i fall
cause of you i never feel alone

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