I Could Never Miss Your Love.

Poem By Sylvi Hart

As I lay and write this poem
I think and wonder, about my so-called home
Why do you tease me..
With your love, comes a fee?
I'm so sorry, but I can't so this
Sorry to say, your 'love' I won't miss
No, I won't miss your sparkling eyes
Your sparkling eyes..they conceal such horrid lies?
And how could I miss your sweet voice telling me
That you'd die for me
And I believed you..am I that oblivious not to see?
And I could never, ever, miss you pulling me close and making me think you cared
Having a connection, a connection I thought we shared
Ha, I do not love, I don't love you at all
Despite all the times I've taken the fall..
No, I could never miss your love.

Comments about I Could Never Miss Your Love.

words frank and honest from a suffering heart...good matured write for your young age, Sylvia...liked this poem...a ten for you
hi, i think this poem of a girl in this age is very good! you tell a story that is main subject of any love in these days and i think that is good and real.
Heey I really like your poems, they are very creative and you have a good way to let out all of your anger. Keep up the great work! : D

4,3 out of 5
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