I Could'Ve Been.

It's weird to think how things turned out.If I had taken a different path, I wondered how things could've turned out.how they could've been.In anycase I'm happy how they are.

I could've been in staying in the Schoolgirl's room
I could've been the kid who was hooked on playing Doom.
I could've walked brighton's shore hand in hand.
I could've lost you and be swallowed by the sand.
I could've been the red dolt rambling about the working man.
I could've been the party animal still living at home
I could've left for who knows where and been all alone.
I could've been the 9 -5er in Edinburgh's bustle.
I could've marched with them, mimiced Bertrand Russell.
I could've been up for election, become a naive politician
I could've stayed with them living a life of permission.
I could've been unaware of the horror, kept my eyes closed.
I could've been and felt alive in a circle of light instead of failing to write stilted prose.
He could've never hit me in the nose.
I could've never suffered in that rain.
I could've never be in the wrong place and avoid all that pain.
I could've lived differently and still felt the same.
I could've lived that day without the ashes on the hill.
I could be where I was 3 years ago just now, still.
I could've been the drifter, world ignored.
I could've drunk and whored.
I could've been there with the bible quoting Matthew.
But I didn't.Maybe I never would've....

by Scott Forster

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