I Could'Ve Helped You

There was a time where life was great,
and all I smelled were roses,
but now you've left me here to wait,
until your mind composes.
It is hard, what you're going through,
of that I have no doubt.
But why deny the person who
would be your lookout?
I could've helped you through,
it would've been no trouble.
Even though I offered this to you,
you turned my world to rubble.
You said that the fault wasn't mine,
but I feel your pain.
You see, where you filled in sunshine,
that hole in me is filled with rain.
I asked for a second chance,
but you brushed it aside.
It was like a silver lance
was impaled through my side.
It's strange, though, that I don't feel
any disgust or hate,
only love for the girl with her ordeal
though my soul deteriorates.
I wish that I could be at your side
through your inner battle,
but my wish still has to bide
or be heard by an angel.
I pray to God my wish will come true,
now all I can do is wait.
Soon I hope skies will again be blue,
but it is all up to fate.

by Chuck Quinn

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