I Couldn'T Love You More

Do you know that i tried so hard,
to make this story never to end? ?
I asked you not to break my heart,
i tried to be your family and your friend.
I wanted to give you what i never had,
some one who really cares for you only.
Some one who's there when you're sad,
who you can feel around, that you're never lonely.
Some one who finds his own misery in your tears,
making you to laugh and fly when you finally smile.
I wanted to share your dreams and your fears,
i just wanted to be with you for a while.
I couldn't love you more,
there is no love left to feel.
I couldn't hate you before,
i couldn't hate you for real.
You know how much i needed you,
and i agreed to be hurt by all the lies.
I convinced my self, all the time through,
that was the only truth and no otherwise.
You need a girl who goes beyond love,
just to handle all those things you did.
And i'm not her for when it got tough,
i walked away saying goodbye instead.
I couldn't live my life like this,
and i couldn't wait to explore.
I can't take lonliness,
i couldn't love you more....

by Eman Awad

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