I Couldn’t Swim

Upon the good Ship Christ The Lord
I thought I’d always sail
Not in a storm fall overboard
Nor sink to Satan’s jail

Without my God I couldn’t swim
Drowning in Satan’s sea
I thought of Christ and called to Him
Please come and lift me free

I knew my God I’d sorely grieved
Believing Satan’s lies
Feeling the love I then received
Had come with great surprise

Such tears of joy rolled down my face
No more was I alone
I felt Salvation’s warm embrace
As Jesus pushed the stone

The stone of death! Was in my heart
The stone the devil gave
Till Jesus with a brand new start
Had rolled it from the grave

Unworthy, as I’d ever been
God’s Son again was there!
He’d saved my life; He’d purged me clean
With others now to share

What’s left of life, is not to waste
To God, belongs my time
He’d heard the prayer I’d made in haste
And seen my every crime

Upon God’s Ship, I stand once more
I’ll never fail again
This time I’m bound for Heaven’s shore
With Christ The Anchor Chain…

by Michael P. Johnson

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